Since I have install jasmine LTS from sfdx am using jasmine/2.6.1 . Write a test as said in the example for c:egGlobalValueProvider But I am getting an error in scratch org :TypeError: component.find is not a function

    <c:lts_jasmineRunner testFiles="{!join(',', 
)}" />

and in lts_JasmineRunner.cmp :

<aura:component extensible="true">
    <aura:attribute name="testFiles" type="String[]" required="true" description="list of test spec files"/>

    <!--  placeholder div which example test specs use to render components under test -->
    <div aura:id="renderTestComponents" id="renderTestComponents"></div>

    <!-- Placeholder div for jasmine test results  -->
    <div id="jasmineHtmlTestResults"/>

    <!-- Pull in jasmine, utils and the test specs specified by the consuming wrapper test app  -->
    <ltng:require scripts="{!join(',', 
        $Resource.lts_jasmine + '/lib/jasmine-2.6.1/jasmine.js',
        $Resource.lts_jasmine + '/lib/jasmine-2.6.1/jasmine-html.js',
        $Resource.lts_jasmine + '/lib/jasmine-2.6.1/jasmine.css'
        afterScriptsLoaded="{!c.runTests}" />



describe("Lightning Component Testing Examples", function(){

    describe('c:egGlobalValueProvider', function(){
        it('renders a custom label', function(done) {
            $T.createComponent("c:egGlobalValueProvider", {}, true)

                //var that=this;

                var greetingLabelVal = $A.get("$Label.c.greeting");


            }).catch(function(e) {


Lightning component :

 <aura:attribute name="_recordId" type="String" />
    <div aura:id="greeting">{!$Label.c.greeting}</div>

Got this error : enter image description here

i though its about version of jasmin but after upgrade to 3.0.0 also getting same error

Note : update sfdx and install lts too

  • Could you please copy and paste the relevant source code and error messages into your question, using Ctrl-K or the {} tool to format them, rather than posting screenshots? – David Reed Nov 30 at 22:09

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