a bit long but I'm a bit stuck. I have Person Accounts enabled. I'd like to set a picklist default value when someone chooses to create a new Person Account. The picklist is not a controlling field or dependent field.

If I choose Account/New Account, I'm presented with a choice of: Select a record type for this Account:

  • ABC Business Account
  • Account Type for ABC Businesses
  • XYZ Business Account
  • Account Type for XYZ Businesses
  • XYZ Person Account
  • Account Type for XYZ End Users (People)
  • JKL Business Account
  • Account Type for JKL Businesses
  • JKL Person Account
  • Account Type for JKL End Users (People)
  • ABC Person Account
  • Account Type for ABC End Users (People)

So the People (person) accounts are there and I have person accounts I can view. If I go to Setup/Objects/Accounts/Record Types... I only see the Business Account record types (and can edit them as well) but do not see any Record Type choices for my Person Accounts, which I know is where I should set my default picklist value.

Any idea how to see Person Accounts Record Type in the Setup/Object/Accounts/Record Type edit menu?

Thanks - Paul

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In Lightning :You go to Setup-> Object Manager. there would be 2 entries for account. You have to select person account to set the record type picklist values. enter image description here

In Classic : You just Type person in setup search and you get record type for it.

enter image description here

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    Thanks Pranay! Found it. Makes complete sense now.
    – Paul
    Nov 28, 2018 at 20:16

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