There is a Name field of type Name in Contact object. It consists of FirstName and LastName. I can query those two fields using Apex.

Even though I cannot find any proofs in Object Manager of that, I am sure that FirstName and LastName have Text type.

Now I would like to know how many characters they accept (i.e. if their type is Text(n) I would like to know what value does n have). I tried to use Object Manager to find that out, but there seems to be no info about this. And also, when I go to edition of Name field it tells you nothing useful on FirstName and LastName fields.

So, what is the length of FirstName and LastName fields?

Thank you.

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A quicker way to do that is to use describe call in Apex.

System.debug(Contact.FirstName.getDescribe().length); //Prints 40
System.debug(Contact.LastName.getDescribe().length); //Prints 80

It also works for All fields standard and custom.

That being said, you can use global describe to get lengths of all fields.

Src : https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.apexcode.meta/apexcode/apex_dynamic_describe_objects_understanding.htm


you can check details about fields on Contact SOAP API guide

FirstName - The contact’s first name up to 40 characters.

LastName - Required. Last name of the contact up to 80 characters.

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