I used the Cookbook(http://go.pardot.com/l/349921/2018-06-13/gq59) to get Knowledge Articles into my bot.But it's not working...

The problem that I'm having is that my bot seems to have no rights for knowledgearticleversion.

I see the following error in the bot logs: "An Apex error occurred: System.QueryException: sObject type 'knowledgearticleversion' is not supported. "

Because when I execute the code in anonymous, it works just fine.

Has someone else stumbled upon this problem and found a solution for this?

Kind regards

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I found the answer myself, way easier than I thought.

You just have to give the rights in the permission set for bots. "Read" and "View All" rights for the Knowledge Object.

With Knowledge Object, I mean the object that is created from the one Article Type you still have left after changing to Knowledge for Lightning.

  • Here's how: Go to Setup > Permission Sets > sfdc.chatbot.service.permset > Object Settings > Select Knowledge (first one for me) -> Give Read,View All permissions, then save ... source Feb 20, 2020 at 18:13

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