To write a userscript that runs on my browser and scrapes data from a specific salesforce dynamic form that I have to fill out during my job.


I am using TamperMonkey to run my own custom userscript on my google chrome but in order to scrape data, I need to find where it is stored - I simply can't seem to locate it.

For example, using the dev console we can see that an HTML element during editing will have "HerearesomewordsIwrote" written inside the <textarea> element which is normal, but when I change what is written to "NewWordsHere" the HTML <textarea> element doesn't change until i save the form.

Not too surprising considering salesforce uses its own framework which is Aura. But now I don't know where to scrape data from since the resultant HTML code is not reliable.

Where would a JS script (which would be my userscript on the browser) find the stored attribute of a form field on a salesforce form?? It is impossible to scrape data if you don't know where the data is.


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