We've few synchronized databases integrated in marketing cloud from sales cloud like "Lead" , "Enquiry", "Opportunity" etc. This tables are huge and ranges around 2 GB.

I want to export only some sample data and not the complete table through browser download. Haven't found any option to export limited number of rows.


Your best bet is to utilize a SQL query to pull your X rows into a separate DE and then export that.

For example:

SELECT TOP 2000 /* Only pulls the first 2k records */
   ,...... /* The rest of your attributes */
FROM ENT.[yourSyncDE]
ORDER BY NEWID() /* This makes it fairly random */

You then push this to another DE that has all the required attributes you want to pass. Then you go into this DE and export it as you wanted.

  • Hi Gortonington, this is the only option available right now in marketing cloud, but my object table (for example Lead object) contains more than 200 fields. Making a data extension for such a huge database is in itself is a big task. Salesforce should provide some preview feature for sql query and from where export is also possible upto some row or size limit. – ASHISH Nov 22 '18 at 16:11
  • I believe the preview option is on their list of features for future releases, but no projected dates for release yet – Gortonington Nov 22 '18 at 17:39

There aren't many options when it comes to setting up the Data Stream for Synchronised Data Extensions unfortunately, like setting a specific row limit.

The least you can do is configure the Synchronisation to either:

1) Synchronise only records created after X date. With this you could limit it to be created from October 2018 for an example. This is not going to get you a specific amount, but more of a ballpark which you can check first with SF reports.

2) Synchronise only records with a specific field value. You can use some existing field to determine which records you synchronise over, or alternatively you can create a new field (example - checkbox "MC-Synch") and mass-update the exact amount of records you would like to get synchronised over.

Here's where you can pick one of the options:

enter image description here

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