I am trying to enable work.com Thanks and Skills Settings in Scratch Org. Do you know is it possible to put the configuration/settings in scratch org's definition file?

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Starting Winter '20 release, WorkDotComSettings are supported both in the Metadata API and in the Scratch Org source tracking. You can see it in the Metadata Coverage Report.

The documentation for WorkDotComSettings is here.

You can either deploy the metadata settings via the Metadata API, or add the same settings in the scratch definition file:

  "orgName": "My Org",
  "edition": "Developer",
  "settings": {
    "workDotComSettings": {
        "enableWorkThanksPref": true,
        "enableProfileSkills": true

You can then enable the other Work.com settings you need by adding them according the documentation name.


This is still not possible with scratch org's definition file.

In case you want to automate enabling of the settings, you could write a small script and enable them using Puppeteer as stated by wade wegner on twitter.

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