I've been looking at this problem for a while now, and I haven't found a solution on any of the other salesforce forums.

I want to have a report with a column chart, which does the following:

  • we select a time period for the dates we want to visualize (done via Filter)
  • we select a sales rep we want the data for (done via Filter)
  • we group columns by date, so we get a monthly report on the X-axis (used "As of Date" in group columns)
  • starting from the first column, we display the Quote Amount of the sales rep
  • the next column will have the previous columns value + the actual months Quote Amount, and so on.

This means, that the graph would be ascending at all times (or if there's a month with "0" Quote Amount, that month will be the same as the previous one).

Can this be achieved in the salesforce reporting tool?

Here's the chart in Excel: enter image description here

After this is done, I would like to select not only the "Quote Amount", but another field ("Net Amount"), so each months values could be compared by having 2 columns in the chart next to eachother.

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