I have an iframe in my lightning component. The value of the src attribute of the iframe is half static and half dynamic e.g.:

<iframe src="/apex/customPage?id= \'' + {!v.linkId} + '\' " width="100%"></iframe>

But the error I am getting is this:

Cannot mix expression and literal string in attribute value, try rewriting like {!'foo' + v.bar}: Source

it should be in this way

<iframe src="{! '/apex/customPage?id=' + v.linkId}" width="100%"/>

the whole attribute value has to be within an expression {! ...}

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As per the error message, {!'foo' + v.bar} for your expression would be something like this -

"{!'/apex/customPage?id=' + v.linkId}"

Also I would suggest you to refrain from using hard coded page names. Use the $Page global variable instead.

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You can just do what the error message is telling you to do:

/apex/customPage?id= \'' + {!v.linkId} + '\'


{!'/apex/customPage?id=' + v.linkId}

So the literal becomes part of the expression itself whereas before you had a literal and an expressing in the same attribute, which it doesn't like.

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