I have a data extension that has duplicate email addresses with each duplicate having a different rank associated with it. I need to dedupe the email addresses but keep the different ranks in added fields.

So I currently have:

Email_address, Rank
Email1, rank1
Email1, rank2
Email1, rank3
Email2, rank1
Email2, rank2

And what I need is:

Email_address, Rank1, Rank2, Rank3
Email1, rank1, rank2, rank3
Email2, rank1, rank2

I've tried using the CASE function in an SOQL query but it's not returning the outcome I was looking for. Is there a way of getting the data how I need it using querys?

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I think you could achieve this with a self join. Something like...

SELECT Email_Address, 
t1.Rank as Rank1, 
t2.Rank as Rank2, 
t3.Rank as Rank3
FROM table t1 
LEFT OUTER JOIN table t2 on t1.EmailAddress = t2.EmailAddress and t2.Rank = 'rank2'
LEFT OUTER JOIN table t3 on t1.EmailAddress = t3.EmailAddress and t3.Rank = 'rank3'
AND t1.rank = 'rank1'

(I always throw 1=1 so each clause thereafter can start with AND)

  • The only issue you might run into with this (and it may not be a possibility in your use case) is if the email address does not have a 'rank1' value in Rank, it will not appear in your results. Nov 15, 2018 at 13:47

Is it possible to keep all the ranks in 1 single field? If yes, then you can use STUFF with FOR XML PATH functions in SQL. You can check out this link

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