The Salesforce1 app allows users to log calls on iPhone and Android devices. However we have a client that wants to log them using an iPad. The documentation does not seem to indicate any reason the publisher action to Log a call would be hidden from the iPad but would appear on the iPhone.

  1. Is this a config issue? We've searched high and low for why the log a call icon would appear on the iPhone but no the iPad without any luck.
  2. If (1) is false. Can the iPad log calls without a custom implementation?

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The log a call publisher action should appear on iPad. There isn't anything that is device specific that would be controlling it that I'm aware of. Here it is on my iPad: Here it is on my iPad

Just the same as on my iPhone: Just the same as on my iPhone

However, the publisher actions are contextual, meaning if you are viewing a record that doesn't support that particular action, you won't see it. So if, for example, you are looking at a user profile in Salesforce 1, you will not see the log a call action because there is no activity related list on the User object: No log a call action

So be sure that you are viewing either the general feed, or an object that can have related activities to see that action.

  • I talked to my BA on this case, they said it's a contact record and it shows up just fine on the iphone but not the ipad.
    – Mgetz
    Commented Jan 9, 2014 at 22:33
  • 2
    Just brainstorming... - Has the user swiped the publisher to the second panel of actions? There could be more than one. - Is the user certain they are logged in as the same user in both devices? - If the user navigates to the feed (top-most menu item in left-side menu) and opens publisher on both devices, do they still see different actions?
    – Tim Smith
    Commented Jan 9, 2014 at 22:37

With my research via I have determined that You need to have a Cellular enabled iPad for the Log a call function to be available. A Wi-Fi enabled will not have the option.

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