I want to perform lookup search with multiple criteria applied. The below code works with one condition, but I have not found the solution to add conditions. Are there any solutions for that beyond

var favMovies = DataExtension.Init("FavoritesMoviesCopy");
var onscreenMovies = DataExtension.Init("onscreenMovies");
var onscreenMoviesRows = onscreenMovies.Rows.Lookup(["onscreen"], ["False"]);
var movId = onscreenMoviesRows[0].movieId; 

I tried something like this

var onscreenMoviesRows = onscreenMovies.Rows.Lookup(["onscreen"], ["False" && ["second_condition"], ["value" ]);

but it did not work.

Thank you!

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According to the documentation, you can set criteria as an array. So in your case, you need to call the function with following parameters:

var onscreenMoviesRows = 
onscreenMovies.Rows.Lookup(['onscreen','second_condition'], ['False','value']);

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