I need to create an auto number field on custom object in packaging org. I'm not able to create it now because it's throwing an error while creating it:

you cant able to create auto number field once its managed

So I created a one number field and incrementing the number by 1 whenever the record gets created through trigger. Here I am getting an issue of duplicate numbers while am creating multiple records in a single transaction, any solution for this?


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I'm assuming the error message is:

Error: Auto number fields cannot be added to a custom object when the custom object has already been uploaded in a Managed - Released package.

See this option Auto number field cannot be added into managed package object, any walkaround? where a new custom object is added. The reliable auto-number from the new object can be transferred to the existing object via a trigger.

Surprisingly, I can't find an example of a trigger that does the auto-number generation avoiding duplicates programmatically. The key mechanism to achieve that though is Locking Statements, where the trigger can execute a query with for update and so block triggers running at the same time while the increment is done.

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