Can we deactivate chatter for a specific object OX and profile PY pair? Or make read-only if that's a thing.

The issue is that profile PY must use chatter normally on other objects and object OX needs chatter activated for other profile types. So this has to be a profile-object combination permission. Can we get that fine-grained in SF or has anyone figured out a workaround?


There are at least two workarounds. Both solutions will render the object's feed items read-only. There's no way to completely disable feed items on an object on a per-profile basis.

Page Layouts

Create a new page layout, remove the Chatter actions, assign to the profile.


Create a new trigger on FeedItem, and you can block the actions.

trigger BlockItems on FeedItem (before insert) {
  if(0 < [select count() from profile where id = :userinfo.getprofileid() and name = 'restricted']) {
    for(FeedItem item: Trigger.new) {
      if(item.ParentId.getSobjectType() == SomeObject__c.SobjectType) {
        item.addError('You cannot add a post to to this type of record.');
  • Thank you for the swift response. I'll try to walk myself through it. Line 1: Add trigger to FeedItem (the Chatter object?) Line 2: Find the user's profile record and check if name is 'restricted' (replace with PY right?). If so, proceed. Line 3: Loop through triggering feed items (can be more than one?) (either the chatter box itself or individual chatter posts? No idea how Chatter organizes objects). Line 4: If feed item parent is of given object type, proceed (here I use OX?). Line 5: Call out error. (error popup and blocks insertion?) – Christos Nov 8 '18 at 23:57
  • @Christos (1) Yes, (2) Yes, change to PY, (3) Theoretically. Also see docs for related methods/objects, (4) Yes, change to OX as appropriate, and (5) Yes, the user will get a popup when they try to post the message. – sfdcfox Nov 9 '18 at 0:03
  • Thank you so much I appreciate the guidance. I haven't started using Apex yet so I had to stare at this for a while. I'll start looking into how to append this code to my org now.. – Christos Nov 9 '18 at 0:06

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