I've installed the sfdx CLI utility but I cannot actually run any commands, as anything I try I get the following error:

! this.log is not a function

This seems to be some sort of Javascript issue with my workstation but I can't seem to figure out what could be causing it.

I'm on the following versions:

  • node 8.9.4 (downgraded from 8.11 in case that was the issue - it wasn't)
  • npm 5.6.0
  • sfdx-cli/6.38.0 (windows-x64) node-v8.9.4
  • Windows 10 enterprise v.1803

Has anyone else run into this?

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    Do you get any output from sfdx plugins --core? If so, what are the results? – sfdcfox Nov 8 '18 at 15:37
  • Yep - @salesforce/plugin-generator 0.0.10 (core) @salesforce/sfdx-trust 1.0.8 (core) builtins 1.0.0 (core) salesforcedx 44.5.0 (core) – Scott Geosits Nov 8 '18 at 16:54
  • Okay, your DX is definitely up to date, then. You mentioned deprecated plugins, though: what's sfdx plugins show? – sfdcfox Nov 8 '18 at 17:08
  • ! no plugins installed – Scott Geosits Nov 8 '18 at 18:45
  • I ran sfdx plugins:install salesforcedx@latest and now I'm showing salesforcedx 44.5.0 when I run sfdx plugins but still getting the error. Are there other plugins I need to install? – Scott Geosits Nov 8 '18 at 21:18

I asked this question in another post and it was answered by @kevin-p here: SFDX: this.log is not a function when running create commands

His answer was:

If you find a file .yo-rc.json in your project root, or any folder above it rename or delete that .yo-rc.json file, and you'll be good to go. In my case, the file was in my ~ folder. Even though my code was in ~/Code/helloWorldLWC the presence of that file in my home directory caused the self.log is not a function error.

  • Amazing - that fixed it. I didn't even remember running Yeoman at first but now I do. I would have never thought to look into that. Thanks! – Scott Geosits Dec 14 '18 at 22:44

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