How to compare list custom setting records with other list of lead?

//this list store the list of lead records
List<Lead> leaddetails=new List<Lead> leaddetails();

//This custom setting store the list user emails and names
List<Customsettingobj> USers= [Select Name,Email__c from Customsettingobj__c ];

How to compare whether lead owner email is in custom setting records or not?

I have tried multiple ways but not able to achieve

I have tried with the below Approch , somehow it is not working in all scenorios

List<Lead> leaddetails

List<Customsettingobj__c> USers= [Select Name,Email__c from Customsettingobj__c ];

  for(lead l : leaddetails){
    for(Customsettingobj__c us:USers){
  • Please include code what have you done so far. – Reshma Nov 7 '18 at 6:10
  • updated the code which i have tried, check once – Prince Nov 7 '18 at 6:15

Get your custom setting data, add that data to Emailset.

Set<String> EmailSet = new Set<String>();  
for (Customsettingobj__c rv : Customsettingobj__c.getAll().values()) {

check that EmailSet contains lead owner email.If yes make flag is true

for(lead l : leaddetails){

No need to use soql queries for custom settings

Read about custom settings:


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