We are using Salesforce and Marketing cloud to process data, create a campaign, populate a template and send emails. Pretty much as you'd expect. Separately, we have an internal system that is connected to an app that our users use to access their details. This system doesn't have the capability to send emails in the same way as Salesforce/SFMC.

The Plan: we are going to create the email in SFMC but not send it. Then push/pull that email, with all fields populated, to our internal system.

Research: I have been doing a little research looking through the SFMC API documentation and especially this: SFMC API Documentation|Email to work out if this is possible.

The Push vs Pull argument would be better if PUSH was the solution but I am unsure if the receiving system can accept the push. I am making the assumption that it can.


  • Can we generate the email and not send it? In a class, in SFDC?
  • APIs:
    • Can we push the email to the other system in a SOAP API call?
    • Can we move the email to the other system in a REST API call?
    • Which is the better approach? My assumption is that a RESTful call may not handle the size of the data in an email - am I wrong?
  • What form does the data in the email take?
    • BLOb?
    • xsd:string is listed in the documentation but what about images etc?

I don't have a developer on my team right now so some of this may seem basic API but please forgive me my lack of knowledge.

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