I have a Visualforce Page which is hosted on a Salesforce site. I am using a URL rewriter to make the URL into a friendly one. The page has a few parameters being passed into it (3 to be exact) and the URL rewriter takes those parameters and converts it into the following format:

" https://domain-name/page-name/parameter1/parameter2/parameter3/ ".

Everything works fine on the Desktop, but on mobile browsers, a new parameter gets appended to the URL - sfdcIFrameOrigin. The new URL comes as:

" https://domain-name/page-name/parameter1/parameter2/parameter3/?sfdcIFrameOrigin=null " .

Has anyone else faced this issue? I am not sure where this parameter comes from and would like to remove it. I tried a Javascript approach to remove the parameter once the page loads but it then reloads the page and that creates an unfriendly user experience. Does anyone have any better suggestions?

  • I got the same error – Gunith D Oct 10 '19 at 3:29

I could not find any documentation to back this, but it looks like it is added by Salesforce to distinguish between Classic and Lightning experience.

Reference: http://forceguru.blogspot.com/2016/09/lightning-experience-or-classic-view.html

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