I have logic inside an Apex Class that will be invoked from a Lightning Component. There are three sequential callouts that will be sent to an External System whenever its method is Called.

As per the Salesforce Governor limits, if a transaction exceeds more than 5 seconds it will be considered a long-running transaction, and there cannot be more than 10 concurrent long-running transactions.

In my case, if each callout took 4 seconds on average, then it would take 12 seconds on average to execute all three callouts. Because this transaction has exceeded 5 secs it will be considered a long-running transaction.

What are the alternative approaches to handle this use case?

Maybe doing an Asynchronous Callout - Continuations method will help. The Continuations method is not yet supported directly from lightning. But we can invoke apex Continuations from lightning as mentioned in this blog.

Appreciate your Suggestions

  • Are you expecting that all three callouts will be run synchronously and the user will see the final result of the callout process? Because I'd far rather run them in a Queueable or multiple Queueables.
    – David Reed
    Nov 4, 2018 at 11:21
  • @DavidReed - Our UseCase is to call these there Callouts Synchronously and Sequentially (one after the other) And we have to utilize one callout response in another callout request.
    – Red Rick
    Nov 4, 2018 at 12:54

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That's tricky. The first thing that comes to mind is to do it asynchronously and find a way to "subscribe" to the response. You can make use of Platform Events for this.

  1. Call your Apex class and either pass in or have it return a unique Id for the transaction.
  2. Run your sequential callouts in @Future context from your Apex class.
  3. When the transactions are complete, fire a platform event from your Apex class that includes the unique Id.
  4. In your lightning component, use the lightning:empApi to subscribe to to the Platform Event.
  5. When the event message containing the correct Id comes through, render the info on your component.

Note: You may have to watch out for Platform Event daily limits if your expected volume could reach 50,000.

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