Update: this issue applies to ANY SObject tab (Custom + Standard), too.

On all Orgs but one that I know at the Account tab there is a first option "+ New Account". It looks always like this and this is the expected behavior:

enter image description here

Now on one bad Org the Account tab just looks like that and the desired "+ New Account" option seems to be lost:

enter image description here

I am sure, that some time ago it was there. I can't remember that we have changed anything. On other tabs (e.g. Contact) the "+ New Contact" option is available:

enter image description here

Is there any way to get that "+ New Account" option back??

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The solution for this one is very wired and I would consider it as a Salesforce BUG. But maybe it is just a feature, that I can not understand.

In the setup, you can configure Account > Search Layouts. There the first row called "Search Results". It is strange, but I have learned already that "Search Result" has impact on the "Recent Items" shown by default for any tab, so I went there to check:

enter image description here

Now we have added a custom button to "Mass Delete" records on nearly ANY object in Salesforce and I have added this button to "Search Results" in the desperate hope that it might add the "Mass Delete" feature also to the "Recent Items" list for the tab.

enter image description here

But not only that the "Mass Delete" button is never showing for the "Recent Items", the selection of the button is killing the "+ New ..." for the tab. Removing the custom button also brings back the "+ New ..." option.

The expected behavior would be to

  • get the Mass Delete button also in the recent list
  • never to loose the "+ New ..." option by adding an additional button

So BUG or feature? I don't know...

  • this is a bug for sure Nov 11, 2018 at 13:33

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