I am trying to create a report on 3 objects

  1. Contact

  2. task

  3. Content note

but there is no standard report type to create a report on these 3 objects altogether, I have tried creating custom report type but I am not getting task and content note object, can anyone please suggest if this is possible


To create reports outside of standard reports we need to create custom report types. Custom report types can include up to 4 objects in a parent-child mode, include fields from lookups to other objects as well as a whole bunch of other features.

Custom report types needed when you have a requirement to report on more objects than standard reports allow. You can add up to 4 layers of objects as long as they have a parent-child relationship.

All objects are all related with lookups and each successive object needs to be a child or grandchild of the master object.

ContentNote, task and contact do not have the parent-child relationship. So it is not possible.

Anyhow, you can create Activities with [OBJECT] Report Type for relating Contact and task. For more Information refer this.

But contentNote do not directly share the parent-child relationship in salesforce with Contact or activities.

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