While testing different ways to provide clickable links to users, I realized that the standard documented approach doesn't seem to work and while attempting to customize a component to do the same, the onclick event did not seem to trigger my navigation method.

Example Custom Clickable link:

<div onclick="{!c.handleClick}" name="{!v.knowledgeRecord.Title}">{!v.knowledgeRecord.Title}</div>

The onclick event does not seem to work. My component is on the latest api version(44) Locker service does not seem to allow this based on past posts:

If i check the documentation on anchor tags in lightning ( Example Using Navigation Event) from the lightning developer Development guide, the suggested approach would seem to be:

<a onclick="{!c.handleClick}">{!v.knowledgeRecord.Title}</a>

Again, this method does not seem to trigger my navigation method, eventhoug the doc states:

Use Navigation Events Use one of the navigation events for consistent behavior across Lightning Experience, Salesforce app, and Lightning communities.

However, If I use a lightning:formattedUrl component, I am able to specify a value, label and so on, and onclick it seems to redirect accordingly,

<lightning:formattedUrl label="{!v.knowledgeRecord.Title}" 
                                           target="_blank" value="{! $Site.siteUrlPrefix + '/article/' + v.knowledgeRecord.Id}" />

Is the later the best approach? or am I doing something wrong when attempting to use the anchor tag (eventhough it is literally copy pasted from the documetnation).

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