I have System Administrator Profile. The “View Setup and Configuration” checkbox is checked. When my CRON expression is like (monthly):

'0 0 3 * * ?';

I can see the "Manage" button, but when my CRON expression is like (weekly):

'0 0 3 ? * *';

I can not see the button. Does anybody know why?


The second job example is not weekly, that's daily. To specify a weekly schedule, select at least one day:

'0 0 3 ? * WED';

Note that only weekly and monthly jobs are supported by the UI, so if your cron string specifies * for the fifth and sixth parameter, it will not be supported in the UI, and you will not see a Manage option.

  • @DmitriyYurkin You're welcome! – sfdcfox Oct 30 '18 at 14:40

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