Good afternoon SFDC Exchange,

Sorry to bother you, and ask such basic questions but would love to know your solutions on how to handle group “emails” as contact records.

For example I have my own contact record in sfdc and i am two disruption/group lists “Global & Uk CRM”.

Currently in my .org we have the following set up ; three contact records been created “ Global CRM” , “UK CRM” and My contact record.

However I haven’t linked my a record to identify that my in global and uk crm email .

Please note that in global crm group email There could be Contact 1 Contact 2 Contact 3

However in uk crm group email there could be ; Contact 1 Contact 3

How do you present that my contact is associated two these distribution/ group emails?

A indivisible contact could be associated to multiple group emails . Therefore I don’t think a lookup on a contact record would suffice

Looking forward to your response

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