We have an application component that requires an id to be passed to it based on the 40+ applications that are possible. Currently I'm using a

  • Community Page with this component
  • a design attribute on the component for the name/id of an app
  • a formula in the design panel in community builder like {!app}

The component uses this and displays the proper application. The thing is it commonly throws an error saying 'invalid page' on the first time visiting the site. The error page is community branded, just the content area displays the invalid page. i only need to refresh the page and it loads and may not display for a while. We disabled caching on this environment so im not sure what else to try. The current linking process is to build a url like

{!'/s/application?app=' + v.app}

While we were building it we had this app manager component that didnt need any parameters. but now we want to break up the applications and find a way to launch one based on an id. Whats the best method for launching a page with an attribute to feed to a component?

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