I have two fields:

  1. Area (Text field)
  2. Pricebook (Picklist field) both are on account.

My requirement is to create a workflow in which if pricebook field is there so area also get update with it.

But is it possible if my pricebook value is : "21 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA" so area only update "21" ?

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Assign below formula in Specify New Field Value section of Account.Area__c workflow field update.

LEFT( Account.Pricebook__c , FIND(" ", Account.Pricebook__c))

in above formula, FIND function which returns the length of the characters until 'Space' is found. and then use LEFT function to Returns the specified number of characters from the beginning of a text string.

For more information check out Documentation.


Use formula field update to extract first two characters, so formula could be

Left(Text(Pricebook__c),FIND(" ",Text(Pricebook__c)) - 1 )

note it will find first ' '(space) and extract all characters before that, so need to add picklist values carefully. and expected are value must occur before first ' '(space)

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