I am working on an assignment where I need to pull specific fields on the contact object with metadata api using Postman or SoapUI.

The metadata api works fine from Salesforce workbench using the below URL.


I did setup a connected app, an integration user in Salesforce. Also, from SoapUI or postman, I am able to get the OAuth access token successfully using the client id, client secret and the credentials of the integration user. However, when I submit a GET request from SoapUI or Postman, I am getting either a "Session Invalid or Expired" or "The requested resource does not exist". The URL that I am using is below.


If I put the access_token in URL, I get the Session Invalid message. If I put the access token in the auth header, I get the message 'The requested Resource does not exist'.

I have tried several different options, but I am not getting the result that I get in workbench.

Any thoughts?

  • silly question, did you give your connected app proper permissions for the object? – Sebastian Kessel Oct 23 '18 at 22:20
  • I gave the "manage and access data" permission to the Connected App. The profile of the user has access to contact object. – Balaji Pooruli Oct 23 '18 at 22:32
  • I was able to get it working as mentioned in Jayant Das's response. I have created a new profile as "Basic API User" which has the permissions "Call Apex Rest Services", "API Enabled" and "API Only User". The REST API call thru postman is working only if I enable the permission "View All" on the Contact object. I was thinking of re-using the same profile for future requests. So, I created a permission set and enabled the "View All" on Contact object and permission to Connected App. However I get "Requested Resource does not exist" when calling REST API. Any thoughts? – Balaji Pooruli Oct 24 '18 at 10:47

Here's how you do it.

Few things to note.

  • You are trying to hit the REST APIs and not the Metadata API here.
  • Make sure you use the instance URL to make the callouts. E.g., if my instance name is say https://myinstance.my.salesforce.om, any API callout that I will make will be as https://myinstance.my.salesforce.om//services/data/v43.0/sobjects/Contact/...


  1. Use a GET request with the URL

  2. Set the Header with key as Authorization and value as Bearer < auth token >

    Refer to screenshot for details. enter image description here


  1. Create a new REST Project in SOAP UI with your API endpoint

  2. Set the Header with key as Authorization and value as Bearer < auth token >

    Refer to screenshot for details. enter image description here

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