I am running into an issue when I want to send an email via apex. The problem happens occasionally only with some emails from some domains.

The error in specific reports:

Messaging.SendEmailError[getMessage=The target object email address is currently marked as bounced.;getStatusCode=EMAIL_ADDRESS_BOUNCED;getTargetObjectId=0030Y00001OnmiuQAB;]

The actual bounced reason for this specific contact after querying it is:

554 5.4.7 [internal] exceeded max time without delivery

Test 1:

Now, if you hover the triangle you see the explanation shown in the picture. Even if I change the email address(as the message suggests) and retry to send the email, I still get the above error.

Test 2:

When I use the same the email address but in a different contact(used as target object id later on) the email gets sent out without an error.

Test 3:

If you use the same email but don't attach a target object id at all to the Messaging.SingleEmailMessage instance, the email gets sent without any errors.

Considering Test 2 & 3, I am wondering if the message they provide is accurate at all as using the same email address but in a different object, sends the email out. Whereas, changing the email as they suggest still doesn't solve the problem.

enter image description here

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