I've currently got an import automation which imports files dropped in an SFTP location. It adds them to a mobile list I have called SMS_Master. It works fine.

Our marketing team then has to filter this list based on the contents of a custom column, U_Custom. This contains the unique job number for the list that was imported. So they have to filter SMS_Master using

U_Custom = 'XYZ-12345-ABC-01'

This works, and produces a list of just these people to be used for an SMS send. But ideally, I'd like for the automation to do the above for me (or create a list and transfer the records to it) after it has imported them so SMS_Master. Is there a way of doing this?

For example, I have a similar automation for creating Data Extensions - it imports the file from SFTP to a master data extension, logs this event in another data extension, creates a data extension using the latest entry on the log as the name, then updates a query definition to

FROM DE_Master
WHERE JobNo = 'thatname'

And then runs it. Is there something similar I can do for a MobileConnect list?

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Once you have your Filter list created in Mobile Connect, then under Automation Studio, you can Refresh Mobile Filtered Lists :

enter image description here

You could build the process with SQL and other imports, but that would duplicate the effort in having to build queries, data extensions, imports etc.

Give the Refresh Filter a try and let me know if it doesn't fit your needs.

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