We have Entitlements and Milestones configured in our org and as standard functionality, Salesforce provides elapsed and stopped time in minutes, hours, and days format when a Case is on-hold (isStopped set to true). The Milestone get paused but the fields are not showing any value. See below

enter image description here

I thought there might be something wrong with the layout or FLS, so I SOQL the same and found nothing.

enter image description here

On the EntityMilestone object reference document, following steps have been followed:


To display this field, select Enable stopped time and actual elapsed time on the Entitlement Settings page and add the field to the object milestone page layout.


If the milestone is stopped upon using isStopped attribute at Case level then after certain time when it comes back to isStopped=false then automatically those StoppedTimeInX, ElapsedTimeInX and ActualElapsedTimeInX values are not displayed.

Those values only get displayed when Milestone is completed.

Refer this screenshot below from my DE where all the respective values are displaying.


  • if you look at the soql, it is querying case milestone object. Besides, the reference in my question also mentions that I need to have those fields on object milestone page layout, which is case milestone in my case. – Mahmood Oct 22 '18 at 16:54
  • Are you telling that the elapsed time and stoped time fields are gonna be calculated for work orders not cases? I didn’t find any reference if the same in documentation. Can you please put some more light on this? – Mahmood Oct 22 '18 at 16:55
  • Refer my updated answer and experiment – Santanu Boral Oct 23 '18 at 13:53
  • 1
    thanks man. You saved my day with Salesforce support, as I had opened a case with them and was very dubious about getting a proper answer from there. :D – Mahmood Oct 24 '18 at 6:23
  • 1
    In future, for any type of questions, post in SFSE and copy that link to twitter and tag #askforce to get prompt response – Santanu Boral Oct 24 '18 at 6:26

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