i have written a rest web service class and mapped the resource as '/Accounts/*/contacts'. where * stands for Accountid.

I am trying to do a POST call from workbench and having issue writing server URI.

for example: suppose a resource mapping is "/Accounts/*", it corresponding URI mapping for doing POST call through workbench will be : /services/apexrest/Accounts/.

Similarly, Please suggest how to write URI in workbench for resource mapping '/Accounts/*/contacts'. Thanks in advance.

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The * is a wildcard. It just allows Salesforce to map the URL to your class when a parameter is included. To use your example,


can map the URL


where your class can parse and utilize the parameter value - an Account Id or External Id, for example.

Interstitial wildcards do the same thing.


would map the URL


to, for example, return data about the Contacts associated with the Account identified by the value PARAMETER.

For more, see RestResource Annotation:

URL path mappings are as follows:

The path must begin with a '/'
If an '*' appears, it must be preceded by '/' and followed by '/', unless the '*' is the last character, in which case it need not be followed by '/'

Salesforce does not parse the URL into parameters for your class; you're responsible for inspecting the incoming request and parsing and validating any parameters you expect. If your web service does not accept any parameters, I don't see any reason why you'd use a wildcard in your URL mapping.

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