I'm coding a trigger on case and I'm using this query to get some data fields information from CaseMilestone entity:

Select caseid,MilestoneTypeId,CompletionDate,ElapsedTimeInMins,IsCompleted,IsViolated, 
                        from CaseMilestone where caseid= :c.id

I need to use other fields from a new entity EntityMilestone:

  • ActualElapsedTimeInDays
  • StoppedTimeInDays

How can i link these 2 entities?

  • The object reference for EntityMilestone says "Milestones on cases use the CaseMilestone object type". Can you elaborate on how you're trying to use this object? – David Reed Oct 17 at 14:02
  • Thanks for your reply! i'd like to use those 2 fields inside my query! Which is the best practice to link them? – Marco Moscatelli Oct 17 at 14:08
  • I'm not an expert in entitlement management, but the documentation suggests that unless you're using Work Orders or Field Service Lightning, you can't use that object. Hopefully a Service Cloud/Entitlement expert can chime in here. – David Reed Oct 17 at 14:15
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If you are working on Cases with Milestones then the appropriate object is CaseMilestone which is available from API version 18.0 or later.

Where as EntityMilestone Represents a required step in a customer support process on a work order. The Salesforce user interface uses the term “object milestone.” This object is available in API version 37.0 and later.

And EntitlyMilestone is not related to Case.

  • i'm doing this query: SELECT ActualElapsedTimeInDays , CaseId FROM CaseMilestone WHERE isDeleted = false ORDER BY Id DESC NULLS LAST – Marco Moscatelli Oct 18 at 8:24

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