I trying to post something to a Facebook page using my own API.The Visualforce Page gets the Facebook Page info and displays a checkbox. The user then selects the Pages and clicks Submit.

Here is my Controller code.

public String[] FacebookOptions = new String[]{};

if (postFacebook)

              FACEOFFERS_Settings__c settings = [select Id, MerchantId__c from FACEOFFERS_Settings__c];
              string merchantId = settings.MerchantId__c;

              FaceOffersAppClaim AppClaim = FaceOffersController.GetToken();   

              FaceoffersSocialAccount facebook = GetFaceBookAccount();

              List<FacebookAccountModel> facebookPages = FaceOffersController.GetFacebookPages(merchantId, facebook.AccessToken, AppClaim.Token);

              for (String[] i : facebookOptions)

                  //Get short URL 
                  string shortURL = FaceOffersController.GetShortURLSocialMedia(selectedOfferId); 

                  if(i.getValue() != null)

                      for (FacebookAccountModel a : facebookPages)
                          if (i.getValue() == a.id)
                              FacebookPost post = new FacebookPost(merchantId, a.id, a.access_token, 'A deal on us!', shortURL );

                              FaceOffersController.PostToFacebook(post, AppClaim.Token);



public String[] getFacebookOptions() {

        return FacebookOptions;


    public void setFacebookOptions(String[] FacebookOptions) {

        this.FacebookOptions = FacebookOptions;

I can see the Facebook Page Id in FacebookOptions when I debug, but I can't get to it. If I can get to the Id, I can then try to match the Ids in this statement if (i.getValue() == a.id).

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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    List doesn't have a method getValue()? – sfdcfox Oct 16 '18 at 21:14
  • @sfdcfox Thanks for the reply! I'm stuck. Any idea what I can do to get the Page Id? What about the for loops? Is there a better way to filter lists in Apex? – Dumber_Texan2 Oct 16 '18 at 22:21

I found a solution here.


for (String pageId : FacebookOptions)

The pageId then contains the string values from FacebookOptions.

The first if statement is now this.

if(pageId != null)

The final if statement looks like this.

if (pageId == a.id)

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