We have duplicate rules setup to enable Save and output on Report. Works fine if system finds a duplicate but other than looking in Debug Logs, is there a way to tag a record to say the rule ran and it found no duplicates?

Debug log has pretty useful line here that says NumDuplicateRecordsFound:0. We would want to place that or similar in a record so we know its been checked.

10:32:19.129 (190089340)|DUPLICATE_DETECTION_MATCH_INVOCATION_DETAILS|EntityId:a1h0B000006iEvq|ActionTaken:Allow_[Report]|DuplicateRecordIds:

10:32:19.129 (190149842)|DUPLICATE_DETECTION_MATCH_INVOCATION_SUMMARY|EntityType:01I0B000000giMH|NumRecordsToBeSaved:1|NumRecordsToBeSavedWithDuplicates:0|NumDuplicateRecordsFound:0

10:32:19.129 (190468197)|DUPLICATE_DETECTION_END 10:32:19.129 (190476365)|CODE_UNIT_FINISHED|DuplicateDetector

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