I am using the latest CLI version 6.35.1-8b7320f7c2 and when I do

sfdx force:auth:web:login -a DevHub -d

ERROR: Unexpected token ] in JSON at position 88.


sfdx force:org:list

renders a Syntax error in the CONNECTION STATUS

=== Orgs
     ALIAS   USERN             ORG ID              CONNECTED STATUS
───  ──────  ────────────────  ──────────────────  ────────────────
(D)  DevHub  robert@email.com  00D50000000IOZFEA4  SyntaxError

enter image description here

  • Experienced this same error working on a Trailhead module and found that I needed to replace my entire sfdx-project.json file with new content to make it work. Not sure if there was a bad character in the original or what.
    – snugsfbay
    Jan 20, 2019 at 16:11

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For reasons best known to itself, DX tries to parse your sfdx-project.json file even when your operation isn't related to any particular project e.g. when you run

sfdx force:org:list

So, check the sfdx-project.json in your current directory for errors, or change directory to a known-good project.


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