There are 2 Custom objects Passport_Slot_Availability__c and Passport_Booking_Appointment__c.They both have master detail relationship. where Passport_Slot_Availability__c is master and Passport_Booking_Appointment__c is detail.

Requirement: For a day only 5 passport bookings should be created by the users for a particular Passport Slot. On the same day when the 6th user is trying to create another passport booking for the same passport slot as that of 5 users, error message should be thrown. But on the next day the user should be able to create a new passport booking for that same passport slot if available.

trigger Booking_5Appointments_perDay on Passport_Booking_Appointment__c (before insert) {
 if (Trigger.isBefore && Trigger.isInsert) {
     List<Id> passportSlotAvailabilities_ids = new List<Id>();

     List<Passport_Booking_Appointment__c> other_bookings = [SELECT Id, CreatedDate, CreatedById,Passport_Slot_Availability__c FROM Passport_Booking_Appointment__c WHERE Passport_Slot_Availability__c IN : passportSlotAvailabilities_ids];
     for (Passport_Booking_Appointment__c j : {
        for (Passport_Booking_Appointment__c existent_record : other_bookings) {
            if (j.Passport_Slot_Availability__c == existent_record.Passport_Slot_Availability__c && j.CreatedById == UserInfo.getUserId()) {
                Date existent_record_created_date =;

                if (existent_record_created_date == {
                    j.addError('Cannot create Booking Appointment because limit has exceeded for today.');

} In the passport booking there is Master-Detail(Passport_Slot_Availability) field.If i choose 9 to 12 slot only 5 users can book an appointment per day. how to achieve the above?

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