String query = 'FIND \'*' + searchString + '*\' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Ticket__C (Region__r.name, Manager__c, Manager__r.name, Name, Notes__c), user(id,Name)'; 

I am searching with user name and results are zero.

Aim: when a string is entered, it should match with any of the fields and display the results. with the above query, it will match only with Ticket.name and shows zero results when i am searching for the user.name.

Says IT CAN NOT BE DONE. So how to achieve If input is a user name, they should be able to see ticket records related to the user, which I am displaying on visualforce page.

any inputs please


This is what I did. String query = 'FIND \'' + searchString + '\' IN ALL FIELDS RETURNING Ticket__C (Region__r.name, Manager__r, Manager__r.name, Name, Notes__c), user(id,Name)';

Manager__c is a Lookup(User).

Ticket__c[] searchTickets= (Tickets__c[])searchList[0];

User[] searchUser = (User[])searchList[1];

in for looping user(){

if(user.id == manager id in ticket){

addTolistToDisplay.add(ticket__c object);


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