It appears the new lightning:map component released in Winter '19 works in LEX, but isn't visible to guest or logged in users in a lightning community.

Can anyone confirm that this is true? Is there a configuration setting to enable it?


Can anyone confirm that this is true? Is there a configuration setting to enable it?

Not true - The lightning:map component is available for guests and logged-in users, there is no configuration to set it up.

This might be most likely due to a permission issue for the profiles.

sample map component for guest user can be found here:


when you say 'not visible' it is possible that it is not rendering due to data not being passed to it due to a permission issue, if you do not add any sort of validation or debugging in your code, it will be hard to tell why the component is not rendering.

  • Thanks for the feedback - that was the encouragement I needed to keep debugging. The child component loading sequence turned out to be the culprit - a little refactoring and the component renders just fine.
    – Ron
    Oct 15 '18 at 8:06

From the documentation in the link here it says clearly that its avaliable for communities.

The only caveat is your component needs to use API version 44 and greater.

I haven't tried it but from documentation it should be possible.

enter image description here


This is a known issue : in Communities, the lightning:map does not acknowledge any relaxed CSP security setting :

No workaround as of today

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