I have a Case object related to a Custom Object work part (Api Name- Work_Part__c ). Case is the parent object. I am trying to fetch all the work parts related to a case using below query

List<Case> c = new List<Case> ();
c =[Select Id from Case where Id ='5006F00001tjI5S'];
system.debug('size' + c.size());
system.debug('Workparts' + c[0].work_parts__r.size());

In the debug log, size is 1 , but the Workparts value is 0. Though the case with Id '5006F00001tjI5S' has 2 work parts as the related list. I triple checked relationship name is work_parts__r . Not sure, what I am missing.


As with any data you wish to access in Apex, you must include the child objects in your query. Specifically, you must perform a SOQL parent-child query using the relationship name Work_Parts__r:

c = [SELECT Id, (SELECT Id, ... other fields ... FROM Work_Parts__r)
     FROM Case
     WHERE Id = ...];

Only then can you access c[0].Work_Parts__r as a List. Note that the size() of c is the number of Case records, while the size() of c[0].Work_Parts__r is the number of Work_Part__c records associated with the first result Case.

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