The telephone number fields like mobile phone and home phone on the Person Account object contain descriptive words in like:

07970 123 123 (dad mobile)


How could I get a list/report of all records with the invalid characters in these fields?

  • I was going to suggest creating a custom formula field with the REGEX function, but unfortunately REGEX is not available in formula fields, only for validation rules and workflow rules. Oct 13 '18 at 17:34

I don't know of functions that can do this in SOQL. The quick solution may be to write a simple Apex, extract phone numbers, compare using ASCII values, and output defaulters.

Something like -

Pattern numPattern = Pattern.compile('[0-9]{10}');  // not for your use case! I am weak in REGEX :)
Matcher phMatcher = numPattern.matcher(sPhone);  


System.debug('Invalid list: ' + invalidList);

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