In previous release, the possibility to filter by Old value/New Value for history object was introduced.


However, when running a query with Workbench *I login with V 43.0, I get the error:

enter image description here

Is the Workbench query different than what the report builder is using?


Coincidently I was doing something similar a few days a go, I don't believe it's possible to filter on LongText Area fields in a SOQL or SOSL.

There are a few work arounds such as post processing checks and using copy the first x characters to a Text field which you can filter on (the last option wont be possible in history objects).

Reports allow this though but it is character restricted

  • Thank you for this. But my use case is different. If I use the same search via the report builder, I get answers to the report. But this is helpful, thanks.
    – Saariko
    Oct 11 '18 at 9:04

I doubt even Salesforce actually uses SOQL inside the reporting engine. If you want to run a SOQL then you will have to create a formula field using the LEFT function and can filter on that partial text from the long-text area field.

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