I wanted to test the new Scratch Org Settings from Winter 19. Ever since Winter 19 was deployed to (some) sandboxes, all of the Scratch Orgs I've created have been Winter 19. But when I tried to create an org with these settings, I got an error:

ERROR:  No such column 'Settings' on sobject of type ScratchOrgInfo.

Seems like a standard "object doesn't have that column" error, so I'm guessing that the error is coming from the Dev Hub org - DX can't populate a Dev Hub object's (ScratchOrgInfo) field (Settings), because it's new in Winter 19. And Dev Hubs are always production orgs (although I can't find a definitive reference), so we can't test this until Winter 19 is available in Production. Or am I missing something?

  • hi Jason, Did you find out the answer. I am looking at Winter 19 DevHub now, and the ScratchOrgInfo object still does not have a Settings field. It looks like the ScratchOrgDefinition json file doesn't quite match the ScratchOrgInfo schema. Jul 3, 2019 at 4:42

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Since Winter 19 adds Dev Hub to Developer Edition orgs, if you have a pre-release dev org you should be able to test in there. Sign up here: https://www.salesforce.com/form/signup/prerelease-winter19/

You could also sign up as Enterprise but you'll get a trial org.

Nice thing about the Dev Edition pre-release orgs is, you can keep them around and they will pre-upgrade early every release cycle.

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