We have a data entry form and we are using lightning:progressIndicator as a way to show their progress. However, we don't want the user to click-ahead nor do we want them to click back on the progress indicator.

Is there a way to make the lightning:progressIndicator ready only, so that the component doesn't interact with any user input?

There's nothing in the documentation to support this, and I tried disabled="true" as well as readonly="true" but those did not do the trick.

  • it is my understandinig that the progress indicator will only change phases based on whatever criteria is set in your 'flow', the progress indicator itself should not control wether the ui changes or not, but rather some other factor, a button, a series of completed steps, etc, etc...
    – glls
    Commented Oct 9, 2018 at 14:17

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Please Move your lightning:progressIndicator inside div tag as below,

<div class="slds-readonly-path">

    <lightning:progressIndicator aura:id="progress"
          currentStep="{!v.Stage}" type="path"/> 


    pointer-events: none;

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