I want to create as well as update an email using REST API.

I am using following documentation links:

  1. POST /asset/v1/content/assets
  2. PUT /asset/v1/content/assets/{id}


I am able to retrieve content using GET API call (GET /asset/v1/content/assets).

However, I am not sure where to put the updated HTML code in my PUT or POST API request. Do I have to put it in URL or I have to put it in BODY of the API request? If BODY, then what would be the structure of the BODY? How my JSON would look like?

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An example provided in the docs for adding content is below:

  "name": "NTO Welcome Series Email",
  "channels": {
    "email": true,
    "web": false
  "views": {
    "html": {
      "content": "<!DOCTYPE html><body>This is a simple message.</body></html>"
    "text": {},
    "subjectline": {},
    "preheader": {}
  "assetType": {
    "name": "templatebasedemail",
    "id": 207

You would set your new/updated html into the 'content' (views > html > content) section of the above JSON.

You can also view more samples here - including HTML Paste, Simple Template based and Complex template based emails.


I used Apex to update the content of a Html Email Template (AssetId = 208): on the code i have to use this header 'request.setHeader('X-HTTP-Method-Override','PATCH')' and made a POST action on the request to get success, and the json example is the following:

         "content":"Here goes the html code of the template"

the url to call is the one that you mention: ../asset/v1/content/assets/{id}

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