I want to add two additional fonts (Roboto & Din) which are not there in existing marketing cloud - content builder for email creation. These two fonts are required to keep things sync with our branding guidelines.

I've font files available with me. Is there any default folder or something similar available where I can upload these font file or let me know what alternative can I use?


From discussions in the past with Support, Salesforce doesn't allow/support the upload of .woff and other font types.

You could try self-host the fonts yourself and then point in your CSS file to a foreign source - but this comes with restrictions too and not entirely recommended.

Typically I look for a similar Google Webfont and use that but if you are really determined to use you own font, then create a Content Block (Code Snippet) and Base64 encode your font file, saving the output to your content block,

Then insert your content block in your HTML template. This however comes with consequences too for the overall email size - so don't get too excited by using lots of fonts

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  • They used to support font files in Portfolio by request. No such luck in Content Builder. – Adam Spriggs Dec 15 '18 at 16:32

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