What we have done:

  1. Created a trivial Einstein Analytics app with the most simple dataflow and dashboard.
  2. Created a template for this app
  3. Successfully created a (downstream) app from this template (to prove that our stuff works)
  4. Went back to the dashboard and modified its SAQL (add blank + remove it)
  5. Updated the template
  6. Tried to create a new app from that template which failed with

Generation of resource type [dashboardTemplate], label [TestD] failed. LastModifiedBy.SmallPhotoUrl FROM EdgeMart WHERE Id = '${App.Datasets.MyData.Id}' ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:413 invalid ID field: ${App.Datasets.MyData.Id} Creating application [t2] failed.

Why that?!? We don't use Edgemart at all. We did not change a single bit (besides the timestamp) SAQL was the same after the save.

We opened a support case #20441598 with support but have hope they will help us before xmas.


We were told by support that we are doing it the right way, but there is a bug that will be fixed with Winter'19.

For a more lengthy discussion on what was supposed to be the problem but then was not see this thread in the Success Community: https://success.salesforce.com/0D53A00003nTUGz

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