I am having issue with marketing cloud import activity.

I am trying to do below things -

Go to Marketing Cloud --> Email Studio --> Interaction --> Import

Select report from sales cloud and add the name and save config so when i am saving the data it gives me an error -

"Import Definition Validation Error User does not have access to Salesforce objects or reports."

And new data extension is created but with 0 record count.

Is there something i am doing wrong ?

And when i am trying to import record into Data Extension record count still can't increase.

  • Using 18 digit id
  • Added Contact ID and Account ID into report
  • Contact ID is primary key while importing data

Please suggest.

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Check for two things.

1) The integration user (used to authenticate between Clouds) and your own user Marketing Cloud are both set as Integrated in the user options.

2) The report you are trying to import isn't stored in your or someone else's personal Reports folder in Sales Cloud.

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