When you modify a parameter in the "Design" tab of a template in Content Builder (i.e. button background color), where is this stored? It doesn't seem to be in the actual code version of the template itself, which is very strange.

  • Are you sure it's not living within the html header section? – Tom Callahan Oct 3 '18 at 15:14

If you are using the standard SFMC Templates, then the styling is written in-line with the components e.g. button (as per screenshot)

Similarly, if you are using a Themed SFMC Template, the styling is also written in-line with the components.

The CSS doesn't appear to be in the Template design, but does appear to be controlled somehow by a Theme style guide, as every time I drag in a new component e.g. Button, then it takes the style of the template/other buttons. Subsequently to then change the style of the button, I have to do it individually.

enter image description here

Editing the core Themes/Templates doesn't appear to be an option i.e. to change the style-guide, but you can edit the individual components.

If you are wanting to create a customised style/theme then you could create your own version of a template and create a CSS stylesheet to control any Button classes.

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