I query the _Opens data view which updates my SubscribersMain Data extension with the latest email open dates, I have noticed that the query blanks out the last_open_date when it shouldn't but cant figure out why, I suspect it happens only when the Subscriber already has a null value in the last_opened_date field. I can see records that absolutely do have timestamps this month, become blank.

EDIT: It looks like none of the comparisons work, it always reverts to the ELSE field in the case statement.

EDIT 2: Actually it looks like even when there is a value in the column, and the aggregated EventDate has a value... the query will return a blank value.

Here is my query:

select sub.subscriberKey,
(CASE WHEN dateadd(hour,6,MAX(o.EventDate)) > sub.last_opened_date THEN dateadd(hour,6,MAX(o.EventDate)) 
   ELSE sub.last_opened_date
END) AS last_opened_date
FROM SubscribersMain sub INNER JOIN _Open o
     ON sub.SubscriberKey = o.SubscriberKey
GROUP BY sub.SubscriberKey, Sub.last_opened_date
HAVING MAX(o.EventDate) <> ''
  • This might not be the cause of your issue but I don't see you declaring your alias for SubscribersMain. Oct 3 '18 at 16:16
  • Sorry that was a typo Oct 3 '18 at 17:03

SFMC data extensions are based off SQL tables so the date/time field types have an auto-assigned default value. As an empty value, the system will default to this to (1/1/1900 12:00:00AM).

So try using using this data as validation to see if it delivers desired results.

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