I have created a wrapper class which creates a record called Remittance_Advice_Line_Item__c, when a user selects a checkbox (called selected), and saves on a Visualforce page.

The record(s) that are created are populated with an amount, also entered by the user (called pickedValue).

There is a second checkbox on the page called pickedCheck, which if selected fires a process builder flow upon record creation. The purpose of the process builder is to overwrite the pickedValue on creation if this checkbox is selected.

I would like to incorporate the process in the class by means of an IF statement and I have attempted (see below), but I am not sure what the syntax would be to do so.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks...

public with sharing class ReconcileInvoicesController {

    public decimal pickedValue {get;set;}
    public String redirectUrl {get;set;}
    public String currentRecordID {get;set;}

    public List<wrapDeliveryNote> wrapDeliveryNoteList {get; set;}
    public List<Delivery_Note__c> selectedDeliveryNotes {get;set;}
    public Remittance_Advice__c CurrentRecordDetail {get;set;}

    public Remittance_Advice__c currentRecord {get;set;}

    public ReconcileInvoicesController() {

        currentRecord = [SELECT id,name,Account__r.name,Account__r.id,AccountId__c,Account__r.parentid FROM Remittance_Advice__c WHERE id = :ApexPages.CurrentPage().getparameters().get('ID')];
        redirectUrl = '/'+currentRecord.Id;

        if(wrapDeliveryNoteList == null) {
            wrapDeliveryNoteList = new List<wrapDeliveryNote>();
            for(Delivery_Note__c d: [
                SELECT id,Name,zRemittancePositiveBalance__c,zRemittanceType__c FROM Delivery_Note__c WHERE AccountId__c = :currentRecord.AccountId__c
                wrapDeliveryNoteList.add(new wrapDeliveryNote(d));

    public void processSelected() {
        selectedDeliveryNotes = new List<Delivery_Note__c>();

        List<Remittance_Advice_Line_Item__c> remAdLineItemsTobeInserted = new List<Remittance_Advice_Line_Item__c>();
            for(wrapDeliveryNote wrapDeliveryNoteObj : wrapDeliveryNoteList) {
                if(wrapDeliveryNoteObj.selected == true) {

                    Remittance_Advice_Line_Item__c newRemItem = new Remittance_Advice_Line_Item__c();
                    newRemItem.Delivery_Note_Invoice__c = wrapDeliveryNoteObj.dn.Id;
                    newRemItem.Remittance_Advice__c = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');

                    newRemItem.Remittance_Amount__c = wrapDeliveryNoteObj.pickedValue;

                    //  newRemItem.Remittance_Amount__c = IF(wrapDeliveryNoteObj.pickedCheck = TRUE,
                    //  wrapDeliveryNoteObj.dn.zRemittancePositiveBalance__c,
                    //  wrapDeliveryNoteObj.pickedValue);

                    newRemItem.Reconciles__c = wrapDeliveryNoteObj.pickedCheck;
                    newRemItem.Line_Item_Type__c = wrapDeliveryNoteObj.dn.zRemittanceType__c;

            if(remAdLineItemsTobeInserted.size() > 0){
                insert remAdLineItemsTobeInserted;
        update selectedDeliveryNotes;

    public class wrapDeliveryNote {
        public Delivery_Note__c dn {get;set;}
        public Boolean selected {get;set;}
        public decimal pickedValue {get;set;}
        public Boolean pickedCheck {get;set;}

        public wrapDeliveryNote(Delivery_Note__c d) {
            dn = d;
            selected = false;
            pickedValue = 0;
            pickedCheck = false;

You can use a ternary statement, which looks like condition? value_when_true : value_when_false.

newRemItem.Remittance_Amount__c = wrapDeliveryNoteObj.pickedCheck?

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